Harry Potter – House Crests 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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It’s a little-known fact that all four Hogwarts houses are equally good at jigsaw puzzles. Gryffindors start with the edges, obviously. Ravenclaws take a logical approach, and sort the pieces by colour. Slytherins race to finish first, no matter what, while Hufflepuffs just like to frame their puzzles on the walls after.

No matter where you’re sorted, you’re guaranteed to love putting together this officially licensed 500-piece puzzle bearing the four house animals: the lion, the serpent, the raven and the badger. Featuring unique artwork and a sharp, vibrant art style, witches and wizards of all four Hogwarts houses can agree that such an eye-catching design is worthy of hanging in any Grand Staircase or Common Room – but we can’t promise you’ll agree on where to put it. Size approx 340mmx500mm.

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