Moral Conflict 1939 Board Game


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First the military war with great battles between armies and aircraft to capture territories with victory points and sea battles between convoys, fleets and aircraft on sea zones.

Second the economic crisis, the struggle for economic growth by building up more production on territories and the acquisistion of territories with oil production. alternatively the oil needeed for the movement of the armed forces and production can be traded for gold. The player who increases his production values or acquires much gold receives extra victoty points. The nations (players) start play in different alliances but the competition to build up the alliance is important to bring victory.

Third the diplomatic pressure to win new allies territories bringing more victory points either through negotiation or use of the strengths of the other dimensions, coupled with the luck of the dice.

Fourth the technological race, use of the territories production to pay for the develop more powerful armies and aircraft or more efficient production for use in both peace and war.

Fifth the moral conflict between good and evil in all the nations or even within you. Each player takes a nation which has a position on the Moral Status path. At each level there are differnt possibiliites or restrictions for their military war, dipolomacy, economic crisis and technology race.

Players may decide to move to lower levels in the search for victory.
The game can be shortned or lengthened by setting a lower or higher number of victory points neeeded to win the game. The winning alliance and the winning player is assessed. Each dimension affects the others giving a realistic Moral Conflict experience. The players in an alliance take their turn togther resulting in bettter co-operation and much less down time (waiting).

Teamwork, strategy, diplomacy, negotiation and an understanding of moral decision making are taught. The players are encouraged to practice these skills in play and in everyday life. Armed with the Moral Conflict Experience guide book, containing historical background and practical strategy in five dimensions, players can achieve victory in both the game and in real life.

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