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You’ve just stumbled onto a small secret pond, hidden right in your own neighborhood. Three odd little creatures and their frog-friends are playing, and whatever their game is it’s good! There’s a duck made of paper, a bug trapped in a rock, and a toad spitting sparks from its tongue.

They’re all squealing and jumping, leap-frogging and bumping, and racing the pond; oh what fun! Such tumbling and flapping and sparking and quacking; how you’d love to join the confusion. Then they all see you watching and ask you to play, and assure you it’s not an intrusion.

Sizzletoad! is the game for two to four players (ages 5 and up) that combines rock-paper-scissors and tic-tac-toe with an exciting leap-frog race around the pond! There’s a nice bluffing element as well (especially in the 2-player version).

Players duel with each other in rock-paper-scissors style using their 12-card hands of Fossilticks, Paperducks, and Sizzletoads to decide which player will be able to put cards on the lily pad pond, make a tic-tac-toe, and score the most victory points.

During the race around the pond the excitement builds as the players speed closer and closer to the flower at the finish-line! Care for a game of Sizzletoad! anyone?

This is a great game for parents to play with their kids when they’re looking for a bit more variation and strategy than say, “Candy Land” or the like.ed lily-pad before the other player.

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