Yu-Gi-Oh! – Magnificent Mavens 2022 Holiday Box


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The Yu-Gi-Oh Magnificent Mavens 2022 Holiday Box combines dozens of popular cards from previous sets with new cards for Sky Strikers, Mayakashis, Witchcrafters, and Ishizu Ishtar’s Deck from the original animated series!
The all-foil Ultra Rare booster set includes new cards for these 4 themes, plus dozens of cards available once again, including hot cards like Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos, Swordsoul of Mo Ye, Traptrix Sera, and Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon. Contents: Select cards are available in the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Pharaoh’s Rare Ultra Rare foil style; 1 pack of 70 card sleeves, in 1 of 6 new designs. 4 booster packs – each booster pack contains 5 Ultra Rare Cards.

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