Yu-Gi-Oh! – Yugi’s Legendary Decks (Unlimited Edition)


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Yugi’s Legendary Decks contains 3 different decks used by the “King of Games” itself, along with several unique, collectible foil cards, all in one amazing set!
Each box set includes:
41 card Deck, the original deck used by Yugi in the first season of the popular animated series.
41 card Deck inspired by Yugi’s duels in battle city story arc of the second and third seasons and including ‘red’ Dark Magician!
41 card Deck used by Yugi against Pharao in the final battle of the animated series, focused on ‘Gadget’ Monsters and the series “Silent” of “LV” Monsters.
3 Secret Rares.
3 Ultra Rare historical cards.
3 Ultra Rare Egyptian God Cards.
1 Ultra Rare Token Card.
Each Deck contains 36 Commons & 5 Ultra Rare’s.

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